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White Lotus Organic Anti Ageing Serum 25ML

Brand: White Lotus Anti Aging
Product Code: lotus11

White Lotus Organic Anti Ageing Serum 25ML

The White Lotus organic Anti Aging serum is the peak of organic skin care. Composed of 100% organic ingredients it contains not a single preservative, additive, sulphate, paraben, filler or synthetic ingredient.
For further piece of mind it is certified by the UK organic Soil Association and the Vegan society.

Ultimately and most importantly it works! The ingredients have been scientifically tested and proven to reduce the visible signs of aging.

The Anti Aging beauty serum is crafted from a base of organic green tea oil which has been used for centuries in the Far East to produce younger more vibrant skin. Unlike other oils green tea oil actually reduces acne outbreaks while moisturising the skin.

The ingredients in the organic anti aging serum have been shown to –

1.    Increase natural collagen production

2.    Regenerate skin cells

3.    Prevent and repair UV damage

4.    Reduce degradation of existing collagen

5.    Provide high doses of anti-oxidants

The Anti Aging serum is used as a stand-alone moisturiser or to enhance the effects of the derma roller

It benefits derma roller use by 

1.    Increasing collagen induction

2.    Reducing dry skin and photo-sensitivity

Organic Anti Aging serum 25mL
Use twice a day after cleansing skin. You can also use after a dermaroller to prevent dryness and increase the effect

1.    Camellia sinensis oil – Green tea oil
2.    Panax ginseng – Ren Shen
3.    Astragalus membranaceus - Huang Qi
4.    Lycium chinensis – Gou Qi Zi


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