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Casmara ELIXIRCell Cinnamon Mask 2075 Complexion

Brand: Casmara
Product Code: A06150

Casmara ELIXIRCell Cinnamon Mask 2075 Complexion

warming mask with natural cinnamon (Cinnaomum cassia), stimulating blood circulation. The mask gives the internal heat, without leading to redness of the skin.
Depending on the sensitivity of each type of skin, warmth or tingling sensation produced by the mask will change with varying intensity. It can last in some cases, more than one hour. The intensity will decline gradually in a natural way as the application of subsequent phases of cosmetic care. On the basis of this particular mask with natural cinnamon with its application should start cosmetic treatment to strengthen the skin of the client for better penetration of the following ingredients.
Cinnamon improves cellular metabolism and therefore is considered an effective anti-aging agent. Cinnamon is rich in vitamins A, C, E, PP and group B K, microelements: Ca, Mg, N, K, P, Fe, Zn, Cu, Mn and Se. This is rich in vitamins and mineral composition makes the mask irreplaceable in Beauty products aimed at solving the following problems:
-helps to find a beautiful view of the person and is used in an unhealthy pallor and the earthiness of the skin;
-good cleanses the skin, detoxifying programs for oily skin is not irritated and neproblemnoy skin;
-to programs anti-stress (after their flight, a sharp change of time zones, after an illness, a sleepless night);
-in Anti-aging programs to combat sagging skin and lethargy in priventivnyh programs to combat the first signs of the time, as smoothes fine lines.

MASK ELIXIRCell 2075, with natural cinnamon immerses clients in an atmosphere of SPA-salon. Magic aromas of cinnamon, flavors of childhood, Christmas, relax and relieve fatigue. Mask real pleasure, gives good health, good mood. Mask for improved face color - "mask of a bride" - allows a short time to radically improve the complexion before an important life event.

Due to warming cinnamon effect mask maximum application time is 8-10 minutes

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