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Keenwell Biopure Oily Impure & Acne Treatment (for 1 use)

Brand: Keenwell
Product Code: K4650055
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Keenwell Biopure Oily Impure & Acne Treatment (for 1 use)

Common features of Oily and impure skin are its thickened appereance dilated pores and an excess of sebum secretion .Skin looks
oily wet whiny and with black spots. In one hand, andronegenous hormones they do increase sebum production and on the other hand there is plenty of bacteria. All this situation makes the sebum formation change, producing free fatty acids that are extremely irritant and provokes a follicle inflammation.
Biopure, oily & impure etc...balance and normalize oily and impure skin. By inhibiting V-5 reductase to normalize sebum formation.
Gives ant- bacterians to avoid spread P. Acne. It contains also anti inflammatory active ingredients to avoid follicle
inflammation, hydrate and exfoliate in order to avoid follicle hiperkeratose.

Professional Treatment Kit Consists of:

1.Peeling Enzymatic with Yoghourt Proteins 

2. Serum Biopure - Seboregulator with Vitamine B Sulphured Aminoacids

3. Extra control gel purifying intensive

4. Purifying peel-off mask

5. Mate Moisturizing fluid

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