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Hikari Bye Bye Wrinkles Cream 20ml

Brand: Hikari Laboratories
Product Code: 5089

Hikari Bye Bye Wrinkles Cream 20ml

Bye Bye Wrinkles is the at-home answer to wrinkle filling injections. The advanced formula combines micro spheres for a quick filling of wrinkles and a lifting and firming effect, and peptides for long lasting repair. In the long term, the cream reduces the appearance of expression lines and wrinkles and prevents their reappearance by toning down the muscle activity that causes expression lines. 


After cleansing face, apply a small amount of cream to the wrinkle and dab gently until fully absorbed.

  • BoNT-L peptide – Consists of 6 Amino acids. Similar to botox: Atrophies the movement of muscles that causes expression lines. 
  • The pearl pigment – conceals skin imperfections. 

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